Wednesday, February 9, 2011

fur baby

Angel, is my most photogenic dog. She has a face the camera loves. It is those soulful eyes I think, you can see the sweetness in them.

I'm just wondering how anyone could not be a dog one loves you like a pup. They always want a cuddle and are ready to chase the ball and sit in your lap all the while smiling up at you. They dont get in bad moods and love nothing better than to please you. Thats the way my pups are anyway.
I love to curl up in the covers on my big bed with both of them lying next to me while I read a book and watch out the window at the snow. It is a very peaceful and comforting moment ,and I could use more of those in my life lately.

Love you.....mean it.


  1. Your furbaby is just adorable. Angel does have the cutest eyes and face. Cute photos.

  2. Hi Eileen ! Thanks for the compliment. Angel is a sweetie.