Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Ideas

I've been thinking about so many new ideas lately and reading so many interesting blogs.  I am dabbling with ideas about how to create various streams of income from home and some on minimalism and always photography.  On the minimalism thing, it makes you think about your home and if it is clean and uncluttered and truly just has the things you really need and or love.  It makes you take a look around you with new eyes.  I am slowly in the process of decluttering our home.  What a task that is!
I wouldn't enjoy having a bare house like some of the minimalist do, but certainly want to downsize, declutter and only have the things I love. I plan on doing this with everything in my home. I just went through my kitchen and weeded out dishes I never use. I am also going to sort through all my clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and other personal belongings soon. The valuables I will probably sell online and the other stuff have a big yard sale. Anything that does not go that way, will go to charity after my son picks through it.

I am six years from retirement and when I am retired I want to live a simple decluttered life and mainly travel and do family things. I will definitely be doing more with my photography. I also want to brainstorm ways to bring in some income from home, so I will never be really retired except from the big corporation I now work for. It is a lot to think about and to put into action , but thats what life is all about after all.

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